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Since this page is dedicated to history, it wont be as glamorous as the other pages, because their is no true glamor in war.  I hope this page will help you learn the history of our Navy through out its history and give you a better appreciation of Naval Power
Last Updated: April 14, 1998

Early Years

 Navy Chronicle: 1799-1816

 US Navy, Continental Period 1775 - 1890

The Spanish American War:
 Battle of Manila Bay, Philippine

 Battle of santiago de Cuba

World War One:

World War Two:
    The USS Arizona (BB-39) Sinking after been ambushed by      Thousands of Allies aircrafts over-flown USS Missouri
    the Japanese fleet at Pearl Harbor.  US enters WWII.             after the Japanese Surrender.  Putting end to WWII.

 The Beginning: Pearl Harbor

 The Early Years inthe Pacifics: Allie loses, Doolittle's Raid

 Stopping the Japanese Advances: Battle of Coral Sea

 Turning Point in the Pacifics: Battle of Midway

 America Strikes Back: Guadalcanal/Solomons Island

 Island Hopping: Gilberts Island

 Marshall Islands

 Battle of Philippine Sea: Demise of Japanese Naval Airpower

 On the Other Side of the World: the Normandy Landing (D-Day)

 Marianas Island

 Battle of Leyte Gulf: Largest Naval Battle Ever

 Iwo Jima and Okinawa: Divined wind

 Tokyo Bay and the Surrender

Japanese Surrender ceremony on USS Missouri (BB-63)
 Remember Pearl Harbor

 Tribute to the Fighting Gray Lady: USS Enterprise (CV-6),

The USS Enterprise (CV-6) is the most decorated Navy ship ever, she participated in every major Pacific naval campaign except the Battle of Coral Sea.  She represented America's fighting spirit.  The Big-E played a key role during the early days of the war.  She was instrumental in the defeat of the Japanese in Battle of Midway, and was sometimes the only carrier holding the line against the Japanese offense in the Solomon Campaigne

War in Korea and Vietnam:   Coming Soon...

The Cold War Era   Coming Soon...

Post-Soviet Times   Coming Soon...
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